This Android APK is our of the Play Store box with update version as per android update to fit in every device of android, makes it the high volume of query solve below the base line.

One issue raise these days that user complained about hacking and sharing their screenshots with them.

1#: Its an offline game (fever high in every users)

2#: Give advanced knowledge of Hacking or programming.

3#: Provide the installation blocked and fix it in device setting Unknown Sources.

4#: If Game Killer has download error then change browser of copy link http://bit.ly/gamekiller4-1 to your browser.

5#: You can use this Game Killer only if you have root your android device, you can check Google search How to Root [Your device name] for assistance.

6#: This is another option without rooting your android device where you get the same benefit from Game Hacker APK also get full guidance with this link.

Many people are scared if they use this then Google will band their device or id so don’t worry Google don’t care whether you are using Game killer or not and this APK has built-in anti-detect mechanism that prevent Game developers from getting information about Game killer.

For your brief information about the android version:

This Game Killer APK file support Gingerbread (android 2.3) to Marshmallow (android 6.0) Android device version is supported with app version Varies with device.